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Server Notice Masks (SNOMASK)

Server notice masks (snomask) allow clients to specify which types of server notices they'd like to receive while they have usermode +s. The flag argument may, optionally, be omitted, and reasonable defaults will be used instead.

Usage: /mode <nick> +s [+/-][flag]
Mask Flag Description
SNO_CONNEXIT +c Client connections and exits.
SNO_DEBUG +d Server debug messages (debugmode only).
SNO_TCPCOMMON +e Common TCP and socket error messages.
SNO_GLINE +g G-lines/Z-line/Shun messages.
SNO_AUTO +G Auto G-line/Z-line/Shun messages.
SNO_IPMISMATCH +i IP mismatch messages.
SNO_HACK4 +j HACK4 messages (services actions on channels).
SNO_SERVKILL +k Server kill messages.
SNO_OPERKILL +K Oper kill messages.
SNO_NICKCHG +n Nickname changes.
SNO_OLDREALOP +o Old oper-only messages.
SNO_TOOMANY +r Too many connections rejection messages.
SNO_NETWORK +R Routing messages (e.g., net.join/breaks).
SNO_OLDSNO +s Unsorted server notices.
SNO_UNAUTH +u Unauthorized connection messages.
SNO_SERVICEKILL +x Services kill messages.
SNO_HACK3 +z HACK3 messages (desyncs).
SNO_HACK2 +Z HACK2 messages (temporary desyncs).

Example Usage

If you wanted to receive only operkills, you would use the following:

/mode <nick> +s +K

To receive both operkills and glines, you would use:

/mode <nick> +s +gK

If you are already receiving notices, and you'd like to add an additional notice, for example SNO_NETWORK (e.g. netjoins/breaks), you'd just use

/mode <nick> +s +R

If you would like to stop receiving such notices, for example SNO_NETWORK, but continue receiving other notices, you'd use:

/mode <nick> +s -R


/mode <nick> -s +R

To view a list of all SNOMASKs you are subscribed to, use:

/mode <nick>

While users can set +s, they will not receive any notices on DareNET. Opers who set +s will automatically receive netjoins/breaks, operkills, glines and HACK notices.