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Related Commands
ADDCERT [fingerprint]

Adds a SSL client certificate fingerprint for your account.

You can view your current fingerprint by using the /FINGERPRINT command.

Your client certificate fingerprint can be used to automatically authenticate you to N when you connect to DareNET using SSL, without the need for you to use the AUTH command or supply a password. For more information on on how to use this feature, go here.


  • /msg N ADDCERT 994EB294C15F4EE647FB5A426C11444E697B1814
    • Adds the fingerprint "994EB294C15F4EE647FB5A426C11444E697B1814" to your account.
  • /msg N ADDCERT
    • Adds your current fingerprint to your account (as seen with the /FINGERPRINT command).

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