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Questions and Answers from DareNET
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My account was hacked. What can I do?
If you believe your account has been compromised there are steps you may take to secure access to your account. If you still have access to your account, login immediately and change the password attached to the account. Instructions for changing your password are here.

Verify that the e-mail address associated with the account is still yours and change the password on the e-mail account as well. Avoid using the same password for both services.

If you've forgotten your password or believe your password's been changed without your knowledge, but your email address hasn't been changed, it may be possible to regain control of your account by using the password retrieval feature to have your password emailed to you. Instructions for resetting your password are here.

If you're unable to retrieve the password associated with your account, please contact the support team by joining #Support and stating your problem.

The best way to prevent unauthorized access to your account is to never reveal your password to anyone (including those posing as DareNET staff) and choose a strong password using the below tips:

  • Mix capital and lowercase letters.
  • Include letters, numbers and symbol.
  • Make it at least 8 or more characters long.

What to avoid when creating a password:

  • Using a password containing personal information such as your birth date and/or name.
  • Using words, slang or acronyms that are common or can be found in a dictionary.
  • Making your password all numbers, uppercase letters or lowercase letters.
  • Using keyboard patterns (asdf) or sequential numbers (7890).

How to keep your password secure:

  • Don't use the same password on multiple sites.
  • Don't give your password information to anyone (this includes significant others, roommates, friends, etc.)
  • Don't write your password down.
  • Periodically change your password.
I found an exploit, who can I tell about it?
We take exploit reports very seriously and would like to work with you to make DareNET as secure as possible. Please do not submit your exploit to the forums. Contact us at dev@darenet.org and provide as much detail as you can about how to reproduce the exploit. It would be helpful if you email us from the email address associated with your DareNET account.
I got an email asking for my DareNET password.
Don't respond to this email! DareNET will never request your password and we do not advise giving your login information to anyone under any circumstances.
How do I reset my password and make sure it’s secure?
You can reset your password by using NickServ's RESETPASS or PASSWORD commands on IRC. When choosing a new password, be sure to use a different password than you use for other sites or services, made up of a complex string of numbers, letters, and punctuation marks that is at least six characters in length. Do not use words found in the dictionary.