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Questions and Answers from DareNET
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My registration email doesn't arrive.
Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue:
  • Check your email application's spam or junk folder or filter. Please be aware that some emails may be blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)</span>
  • Check that you’re using the correct email address (here). A common error is registering with an incorrect email domain (e.g., @comcast.com is not the same as @comcast.net). In addition, keep in mind that most email addresses do not begin with a "www" prefix.</span>
If you're still having trouble after the above steps, please go here.
It says there is an existing account associated with my email address.
If you have forgotten your account name, you may go here to retrieve it.

If you are not the account owner and are attempting to register an account, then please be aware that you can only register one DareNET account per email address.

If you believe you are receiving this message in error, then please go here.
It says my email address is invalid.
First make sure you're using a valid email address, and you're typing it in correctly. Certain domains are not allowed to register on DareNET due to serious Acceptable Use Policy violations. Some domains will be blocked from registration if they have been used consistently for abuse. If you believe your account or domain was blocked in error, please email support@darenet.org.
The words in the box (i.e., captchas) do not load
Your problem is most likely related to your internet browser. We recommend that you upgrade your browser, or clear its cache and cookies (consult your browser's help documentation for instructions on how to do this). If you continue to experience problems, please go here.
What is the minimum age required to register on DareNET?
In order to be eligible to register on DareNET, users must be thirteen (13) years of age or older.
What do I need to register on DareNET?
From our Registration page, just provide us with your desired username, and email address. After you complete the registration form, we will send an email containing your account password, as well as other helpful information.