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What are member profiles?
A member profile is a web page that tells the rest of DareNET, and anyone else on the web, a bit about you. You can include a little information, or a lot -- it's entirely up to you. You can include a picture of yourself, some personal information, lists of your favorite hobbies and things, photos, twitter updates, and more! Before entering information into your profile, be sure to consult our Safety Tips page. It can help you decide how much personal information is appropriate to share.
Where is my profile?
You can access your profile by visiting http://darenet.org/profile/username, replacing username with your actual DareNET username. Links to your profile will also appear in NickServ ACCOUNTINFO replies, the members list on the web site and any message board (forum) you participate in.
How do I make changes to my profile?
When you are logged in to the DareNET web site, you will see a "User CP" link. Click it to enter your User Control Panel. All of the tools you need to customize your profile, including the look and feel of it, are in your User Control Panel. Consult the forum faqs for detailed instructions.
Who can see my member profile?
Your profile can be viewed by anyone on the web. We've included powerful tools to allow you to restrict access to certain parts of your profile if you wish. which are available via your User Control Panel. Also, remember, only the information you provide is shown.
How can I find other users profiles?
If you know the person's DareNET username, you can simply visit http://darenet.org/profile/their-username to view their profile. Whenever somebody posts a message in a form, a link to that member's profile will appear. A link to a person's profile can also be seen with NickServ's ACCOUNTINFO command (provided they're logged in). You can also browse through profiles or search them via the members list.
Can I find people based on the information they have entered in their profile?
Yes. Click on "Search Members" at the top right of the members list and enter your search terms in the box to search for your terms anywhere in a member's profile, or use the "Advanced" option to restrict the search to a certain part of the profile. For example, if you wanted to find people who frequent #darenet, you would enter "#darenet" in the text field, or use the advanced option and enter the term in the "Channels" field.
Can I search on more than one part of a profile?
Yes. Go to the Advanced Search page.
What are friends and how do they end up on a profile?
If you're friendly with another DareNET member, you can ask that member to become friends with you. If the other member accepts, you can each display each other's picture on your profile. You can also grant your friends special access to part of your profile information.
Can I prevent these online icons from displaying on my profile?
Yes. You can mark yourself as "invisible" to prevent your username from showing in the online users list. Additionally, you'll appear to be offline to other users when they visit your profile and other areas of the site. This option is controlled via your User Control Panel under "Edit Options," or by clicking the icon next to your username at the top right of the page.
Can anyone leave visitor messages on a profile?
No. Use of the visitor message function is limited to logged-in users who are friends with the member. You can set up your visitor messages so that you can review comments before they become public and/or you can limit who can view them.
Am I notified if somebody leaves me a visitor message?
Yes, you'll receive a notification through the site's private messaging system and via email (depending on your account settings).
Do profiles come with photo albums?
Yes, every profile comes with photo albums. You can create as many as you wish.
How can I contact somebody via their profile?
While viewing the user's profile, click the "Send Message" link and enter your message.