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Questions and Answers from DareNET
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What is DareNET? What's it about?
DareNET is an inclusive, multi-purpose community centered around an IRC network. You can join in on conversations about topics that interest you, or start your own conversations. All in real-time. Our team is comprised of people who love helping people connect with each other and have real conversations.
What are the rules around here?
Use of DareNET and its various services is subject to our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.
How do I get assistance from network staff?
THe best way to get assistance from staff is by joining #help. Please keep in mind that all of our staff are volunteers and you may at times have to wait for a staff member to become active.

You can also use the /msg ChanServ STAFF command from within your IRC client to get a list of all staff currently online. Feel free to message one or more staff members as necessary until you find someone who can help you.

NOTE: We strongly recommend you first try joining #help for assistance, as you may ultimately end up being referred to that channel for assistance regarding certain matters.
Who runs DareNET?
A dedicated team of volunteer staff.
What kind of privileges do staff members get?
It varies from staff member to staff member. No minimum level of access is guaranteed to any staff member. Instead, it is granted based on a staff member's need for such access to fulfill their duties.
Do server administrators/owners run the network?
DareNET is ran and maintained by various teams, each of which oversees a specific aspect of the network's day-to-day operations. Server administrators form the Operations team which provides general guidance to all other teams.
How can I apply for a staff position?
If you're interested in volunteering your time to make DareNET a better network, take a look here.
How do I got about linking a server?
If you're interested in hosting a server for DareNET, please take a look here.