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Related Commands
CLVL <#channel> <nickname|*account> <level> [duration]

Modifies a user's channel access level.

An optional duration can be specified, in which case once the duration has passed (expired) the user will be automatically reverted back to their previous access level.

Keep in mind that cannot give users access great then or equal to your own.


/msg C CLVL #chat Joe COOWNER Changes the user's, who's nickname is Joe, access level in #chat to CO-OWNER.
/msg C CLVL #chat *joe OP Changes the user's, who's account name is joe, access level #chat to OP.
/msg C ADDUSER #chat foo 300 2d Changes the user's, who's nickname is foo, access level in to #chat to 300, which will expire in 2 days.

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