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Why do I get error Bad Username

If you have been directed to this page when trying to connect to DareNET, then chances are you're also receiving the following error message: USER: Bad username. You're NOT banned! This is in reference to the User ID (sometimes known as username or ident) that is between ! and @ in your hostmask (i.e. nick!user@host).

All User ID's must comply with a few specific rules, which are shown below:

  1. Only one '-', '_' or '.' is allowed. Two are allowed, if not consecutive, but not as the first or last character.
  2. No other special characters are allowed.
  3. Must contain at least one letter.
  4. If using upper and lower case letters, the first letter must be upper case, and may contain one other upper case letter anywhere.
    1. A third upper case letter may be used if all three appear at the beginning (only separated by '-', '_' or '.')

Change your User ID to comply with the above rules, and try reconnecting!

mIRC users

To change your User ID, follow these steps:

  • Go to Options (hit Alt+O) > Email Address (your User ID is the part before the @)
  • Go to Options (hit Alt+O) > Select Connect > Select Ident (enter your User ID)
  • Press OK. You should now be good to go!