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H is our help queue management bot here on DareNET. Or, more simply put, it allows you to request help from network staff.


You can communicate with H via private message, as shown below:

  • /msg H <text>
  • /msg H@services.darenet.org <text>

Requesting help

To open a support ticket with H, simply join #help and send a message to H describing your problem.

For example: /msg H I registered an account 2 days ago, username 'joecool', but haven't received my registration email

This allows our support staff to gather any necessary information they may need prior to talking to you, ensuring you receive timely and accurate assistance.

User Commands

Find out who was assigned your request.
View information about your request.
Find out where you are in the queue.

Please note, all H user commands are prefixed with an '@'. Any text that you send to H that is not prefixed with an '@' will be logged as part of your help request.

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