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DareNET Wiki:About

The Support team maintains this wiki so that all DareNET users can have a place to express their ideas and collaboratively develop them. The team is also responsible for creating and maintaining useful resource documentation for the DareNET community. Both new and experienced IRC users will find information here on everything from downloading an IRC client to explanation of the various protocols. It is our aim to make sure that these resources are kept current, and when a need for new documentation arises, it becomes a priority.

Contacting US

  • Questions / Concerns regarding wiki content: support[at]darenet.org
  • Questions / Concerns regarding wiki operation: webmaster[at]darenet.org

Reporting Errors

Any errors or bugs you find should be reported to webmaster[at]darenet.org. Please explain what you were doing when the error occured, and include the following information in your e-mail:

IP Address: Template:USERREALIP
Operating System: Template:USEROS